Benefits of Using Blendtec Commercial BlendersBenefits of Using Blendtec Commercial Blenders

Most people would like to become healthy and one of the many ways is by making smoothies using a designated Blendtec blender. Commercial Blendtec blenders come in a variety of models to suit most budgets and applications. Due to consumers desire for a more healthy and balanced lifestyle raw foods are in greater demand.

There is no question about it. Fruits, plants, nuts and seeds have to be blended correctly and, therefore, the equipment needed to process the food has to be more rigorous and efficient in its operation. Using this equipment had many benefits that includes in saving money.

Today you’ll see blender ads on the Internet where the blender has to chop up stones or marbles or dice an iPod. It’s not a job you’ll have to do, but you can see how powerful the motor and blades are! If your meals often start with fresh hard vegetables or if your recipes need ice crushed, that will come in very handy.

The Blendtec range of food processors and professional blenders gives a cost-effective solution for hospitality companies wishing to implement a range of healthy drinks, smoothies, and recipes.

The Blendtec blender will mix the healthy food ingredients and blend them to perfection. Even the traditionally hard-to-blend ingredients, such as nuts and seeds, are no problem for the blender. You can preview the blenders in action on the popular “Will it blend?” YouTube video channel, or any other resources so that you can see it on your own and you can decide if it is really a good idea for you to buy one of them. Eating a healthy foods is really great for our body.

Due to the high performance of the Blendtec blender it has the ability to extract more nutrients out of the chosen ingredients giving a greater benefit to the consumer. The Blendtec commercial blender uses industry leading technologies and has been on the market for over 20 years giving it a reputation for being tough and reliable in any commercial situation.

Some models to choose from include the Saro Blender and Blendtec Xpress which have easy to use touch control settings. These models would be ideal for small catering or smoothie and juice bar outlets.

Blendtec blendersFor small- to medium-sized catering outlets, the Blendtec Space saver is a high quality commercial blender which has thirty profiles to suit your customers’ needs and creates the perfect smoothie to enjoy. It has a built in display and can be easily installed anywhere from the compact stand to the counter, due to its versatility. If your catering establishment requires a high-end unit due to the high volume of customers the Blendtec Blender would be a wise choice. It has a low noise high energy output with many program settings to cope with the demands of your consumers. Continue reading on

Some general features of the Blendtec blender range include a stainless steel two sided blade assembly design providing consistent blending and faster cycle speeds. A powerful and reliable motor which effortlessly works with different blend cycles.

A strong square jar design and easy to use microprocessor controls. All in all if you need a great commercial blender for your catering establishment the commercial Blendtec blender range should be a strong consideration.